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fill a large gap of much needed creative space within our
I have struggled to find appropriate studio space for
implementing the fibre dye techniques
The High River Performing Arts Foundation has set forth a mission to build a 12,000 square foot collaborative performing and creative arts space in downtown High River.  


The Venue will offer an authentic theatre for performances and well equipped multidisciplinary studios for creating and teaching.  This cultural landmark will enhance the landscape and diversity of the downtown core and provide greater opportunity for all generations of artists and patrons.  

The Venue will be a hub of creative energy and ideas.  New found opportunities for collaboration and mentorship will enhance the work that happens in the building while bringing life to the core of High River.


A wide variety of artists call Southern Alberta home because the wider community has valued their courage and perseverance.  It is time to solidify this legacy by providing a state of the art facility that will enable performers and artists to develop their skills and share their talents...locally and around the world.


The Venue will serve young musicians, actors, directors, stage hands, painters, sculptors, recording engineers and producers for generations to come.  Experience in our state of the art facilities will provide the newest generations with the skills to step into the world, or stay at home, with confidence, skill and passion.


The facility will give all generations a place to find entertainment and inspiration in a world class venue for performing and creating in Southern Alberta. With land secured on 5th avenue and conceptual planning complete, we are ready to move into our next phase of fundraising.

Send us a video or email and tell us how you would use The Venue.
room to have ongoing 6 week classes
The Venue will provide a tangible step in any artists journey when they are welcomed inside its doors!   
Spaces to practise and create
recording live shows for the artists who play here
allow all these things to happen and may be a catalyst for many more
We need a space for school children to come and work with clay
substantially help small business owners and artist collectives

The Venue will be a
meeting place for friends, family and strangers alike.

The Venue High River

125 5th Avenue SW

High River, Alberta


403 601 3960

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Your donation will help make this all become a reality!