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The FOUNDATION is here to...

...enable artists to provide educationinspiration and entertainment to all members of the community

...bring affordable entertainment to the area

...provide a collaborative hub to assist in helping artists and performers network and collaborate

...provide a box office to promote and market any and all events in and around High River


...create an Artists Directory enabling artists and patrons to find each other

...provide grant writing expertise and assistance to support artists and organisations in the area

...solicit donors to fund new and existing scholarships and bursaries

...administer publicly available scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to be used for performing and creative art education

...actively seek grants to encourage artists to offer mentorship, workshops and training


a central area where artists and members of the
community could come together to build connections
allow me to greatly expand my arts practice
on a mission to create and maintain the vibrant arts community in the foothills of Alberta
I can't wait to see who rolls into High River
i would also love to teach kids about recording and doing live sound
ensures we will grow our local arts scene and give local artists opportunities



The Venue High River

125 5th Avenue SW

High River, Alberta


403 601 3960

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Your donation will help make this all become a reality!