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The High River Performing Arts Foundation (HRPAF) is thrilled to work with Mark’s Live Sound to provide the training to budding sound technicians of all ages. To develop their skills in the live sound industry while working with a variety of artists, performers and musicians on the Venue stage in downtown High River this summer.

The Venue Sound Technician Mentorship Program is looking for 4 dedicated individuals (with the possibility of more) who may be looking to pursue a career in the live sound industry and are interested in solving the challenges of producing a show / production. This is an unpaid internship program helping students develop skills and knowledge related to live sound technology and processes.


However, high school students might be eligible to earn Work Experience credits through this program. This Mentorship Program is primarily for high school and post-secondary aged students. But there are possibilities for people outside of this age range.

The participants of the Sound Technician Mentorship Program will:
• Get an opportunity to work with, and learn from a professional audio engineer, with hands-on training
• Learn about PA systems and all of their components.
• Learn the basics of mixing live sound for various types of performers, from musicians to theatre groups
• Learn about all the different types of microphones, their correct usage, and the proper microphone
placement techniques for live sound reinforcement applications
• Learn valuable troubleshooting skills
• Work in a team environment, which will lead to growth in teamwork and leadership skills

We are hoping for a commitment of 17 Saturdays, either for the afternoon or evening show (but not both shows). Starting June 3rd through to September 23rd, 2023 for the Venue Summer Series. Sound Technician Mentorship Program participants will be scheduled in teams of two for each Saturday. With one team of two
doing the afternoon show/performance. The other team of two will do the evening show/performance each week.
• June 3rd will be an onsite Training Day – 11am to around 1pm
• June 10th to September 23rd will be production days
(Afternoon shows start with load in at 11am and go until 4:30pm Evening shows start with a soundcheck at 5:30pm and go until 10pm
• July 2nd – August 27th will be Bandstand Sundays
(one afternoon per month...11am to 4pm)

*Note: the times for all these days are subject to change depending on the work load for the particular show.

Sound Technician Mentorship

Application deadline
May 21, 2024

Contact Mark at
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