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Senior Sound Technician

- Job Description


A senior sound technician is responsible for the technical aspects of sound during live performances, such as concerts, theatre productions, or any other events requiring sound at the Venue. Their primary goal is to ensure that the sound being produced by the performers is heard clearly and at an appropriate volume by the audience.


The Venue’s senior sound technician needs to be highly skilled in their craft, as live performances present unique challenges that require quick thinking and problem-solving abilities. They need to be able to adjust to changes in the performances on the fly, such as changes in volume or instrumentation, and ensure that the sound quality remains consistent and of high quality throughout the performances. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with performers, other technicians, and Venue volunteers to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the performances run smoothly.


On top of the typical sound technician duties mentioned above, the senior sound technician will also be responsible for scheduling other sound technicians for performances that the senior sound technician cannot attend. The senior sound technician will need to also perform administrative duties to make sure all the correct equipment and gear needed will be available for each performance. They will also need to provide training to new sound technicians.



  • Set up and operate sound equipment: The senior sound technician is responsible for setting up and operating sound equipment such as microphones, speakers, and mixing consoles. The senior sound technician must have a thorough understanding of the equipment and be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


  • Conduct soundchecks: Before a performance, the senior sound technician will conduct a soundcheck to ensure that all the equipment is working properly and the sound is balanced. They will work with the performers to adjust levels and make sure everything sounds the way it should.


  • Monitor and adjust sound levels: During the performances, the senior sound technician is responsible for monitoring and adjusting sound levels to ensure that the audience can hear the performances clearly and at an appropriate volume. They must be able to respond quickly to changes in the performances and adjust levels accordingly.


  • Maintain equipment: The senior sound technician is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment as needed. They must keep equipment clean and in good working order to ensure that it performs properly during performances.


  • Ensure safety: The senior sound technician must ensure that the sound equipment is set up and operated safely. They must be aware of potential hazards and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents.


  • Troubleshoot technical issues: In the event of technical issues, the senior sound technician must be able to troubleshoot the problem quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime and prevent disruption to the performances. 


  • Scheduling other sound technicians: The senior sound technician has to schedule other sound technicians to perform the sound technician duties for all shows that the senior sound technician cannot attend. 


  • Training: The senior sound technician is responsible to make sure that all sound technicians under them are trained to the Venue’s live sound standards, and are competent to provide sound technician duties for shows all on their own when the senior sound technician is not available.


  • Administrative duties: The senior sound technician must be able to communicate with all the performers before their performances at the Venue, making sure that all the performers’ technical requirements can be met before they arrive to perform.


Skills and Abilities:

  • Quick thinking, to resolve technical problems while observing safety precautions at the same time.


  • Adaptability, to work with a variety of production styles and requirements, as well as musical styles.


  • Communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Good organisational and time management skills.


  • Moderate level of physical fitness, to move equipment safely (~50 lbs).


  • The ability to work as a team.


  • The ability to meet deadlines.


  • The ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.


  • The ability to improvise when the perfect tools are not available.


  • Be flexible and open to change.


  • Confidence, to make recommendations to artists and articulate their views clearly.


  • Patience and ability to stay focused throughout a performance.


  • Customer service skills.

Applications will be accepted until noon on January 31, 2024

Submit Cover Letter and Resume to

Dinah VanDonzel at

Graphic Designer: Print

- Job Description


Fixed Term Contract - Print Materials for 2024 Year

Budget for Design: $5000 (All taxes & expenses included)

Location: High River, Alberta, Hybrid Remote


What you bring:

  • Active Adobe Creative Cloud Account (not provided by HRPAF)

  • Your own hardware (ie. computer, laptop) (not provided by HRPAF)

  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Intermediate vector illustration experience

  • Familiarity with Google Mail / Drive / Docs / Sheets

  • Ability to design / preflight for press (digital / offset / signage)

  • Intermediate copywriting / copy editing

    • copywriting is done collectively, editing/checking is required by designer

  • Experience working with a Board and/or Charity

  • Ability to meet print deadlines, perform press checks if needed

  • Communication, organization and presentation skills

  • Ability to work independently as well as with a Board

  • Collect and apply changes/feedback to design deliverables


Contract Deliverables:

  • Venue Signage for season

    • Summer Series 40x40 (June / July / August)

    • Bandstand Sundays 40x40 (July / August Only)

    • Open Air Gallery 40x40

    • Artist installation bio signage as needed (+/- 6)

    • Sandwich boards as needed (+/- 2)

  • 7x5 Postcard and 11x8.5 Mini-Posters

    • Summer Series

    • Bandstand Sundays

  • Annual Report

    • 28 – 32 page saddle-stitched document 

    • Digital flipbook for web + digital PDF for email

    • Social post to match for AGM 1:1

  • Festival of Trees

    • Poster & matching 1:1 social post


  • Printing of materials is managed by the Board

  • Social Media accounts and website are updated by the Board

  • Photography provided by Board

Applications will be accepted until noon on January 31, 2024

Submit Cover Letter and Resume to

Dinah VanDonzel at

Contracted Services

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